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In sales we often see feature dumping or telling a prospect about every feature you or your product have. Although it is extremely important that you communicate to prospects how they will benefit from doing business with you. Giving them a list of those benefits is NOT the way to do it!

You have prepared what you believe is the most amazing marketing flyer ever. It highlights every strength you have, from your years of experience to who you have done work for. You think, surely this will impress any prospect and get me that next deal. Every single benefit you can bring a prospect is somehow reflected… YOU are feature dumping.

A prospect looks at this flyer that tells them about all YOUR accolades. Did you ever wonder, if anyone really cares? If when they look at this “YOU” flyer they think, I need this person, they can solve MY problems?

In marketing yourself, you have to break things down for understanding. Let me give you an example: You walk into a car dealer where the salesman tells you about the tires that are rated to go 200mph and can run on the surface of the sun. He tells you that the lights have  view longer than a train locomotive. And how the frame is manufactured from the same stuff they use on the space shuttle.

Does any of this mean anything to you?? Do you do this in your marketing??

What if he instead said: How large is your family? Do you have kids? Little ones? How far do you work from home? And when you say I do have kids, little ones and I work 30 miles from home, he then goes on to tell you. How would you feel if you were one day called home by a family member with a huge emergency, you just left work, your baby is in the car with you. Would you want to know that you and your baby will be safe?

Well the lights this car has will allow you to see any potential dangers up ahead, the frame gives your baby’s carseat the safest anchor to the car and the tires will ensure that even if you have to speed they will not be a cause for concern. Does that make you want all these features now that you know that you need them???

Ask questions that will jog someones memory about a problem they may have that you have a solution or a benefit for. Remind them about the issues when they last closed or isn’t close.  Problem based questioning is the best way to paint a picture for your consumer. It gives YOU the greatest chance of connecting your benefits to your consumer.

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