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Listing Agent Information

Congratulations on the upcoming closing of the above referenced property! Our office will be handling the closing of this transaction and we look forward to working with you.

Manuela De Armas (Manny) will be your processor/closer. She will be handling the file through closing. Manny can be reached at:
Phone: (305) 274-9898 ext. 208

For your convenience, the processor and closer will monitoring all of the day-to-day details of your file. You will be updated weekly to minimize the amount of communications received as these can interrupt a processor and potentially delay the closing.

Please take a moment to complete the following Intake forms within 2 days of receipt of this link to avoid any delays in the closing process. It is extremely important that you provide us with all of the requested information that pertains to you. Please verify that all the information is correct in order to keep the closing process moving timely.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the processor assigned to the file.



Certificate of Use
ATTENTION: If this property is located in Miami-Dade or Unincorporated Miami-Dade County (folios starting with 30) and this transaction was acquired through a Certificate of Title (foreclosure), a Certificate of Use will be required under Miami-Dade Ordinance 08-133. The same is required for the City of Doral under Ordinance 2009-15. Please note that this certificate HAS TO BE obtained by the SELLER prior to offering the property for sale or the county can assess a daily penalty. If the property is located in Hialeah, North Miami, Miami Springs, Miami Gardens or Opa Locka (if applicable), a Certificate of Re-Occupancy is required. Please consult with your Realtor for guidance.

1. If this transaction is lender-financed, we MUST have the final figures, survey & hazard insurance in our office at least 2 business days prior to closing. E-MAIL FOR CLOSING PACKAGES:

2. Anticipated closing dates are based on the Contract Close date. A-1 Title Services strives to complete all required work well in advance of the Contract Close date and facilitate the closing prior to the Contract Close date whenever possible. A-1 Title Services must perform and complete a variety of title work including lien searches, title searches and examination, and estoppel requests when COA’s or HOA’s are involved, and in many cases, subsequent curative work is required in order to ensure clear title.

3. Buyer(s) & Agents will be contacted to schedule the closing at a location convenient to the Buyers anywhere in Florida or elsewhere as needed. EXCEPTION: The closing cannot take place at the property being purchased. The Buyers/Agents will receive a call to schedule the closing once we have all documents in hand and have obtained approval to do so. Please DO NOT schedule a closing. Only the closer is allowed to schedule closings.

4. Table Funding will take place once funds have been received in our escrow account and a funding authorization is obtained from lender (when applicable). At that time the closing is considered complete, all funds will be disbursed. In some cases, additional time may be required depending on circumstances. A-1 Title Services ensures funding occurs as soon as possible in every case.

5. All checks, including insurance, commissions & lender fees will be sent out via USPS (regular mail) unless written instructions are provided prior to closing.

Permit Searches
6. We do not perform permit searches unless requested to do so by the Buyer/Lender. If a permit search is required, there will be an additional charge. The Seller will be assessed a Settlement / Closing Fee in the amount of $650.00 payable to A-1 Title Services, which will be reflected on the HUD-1. The Buyer will be assessed a Settlement / Closing Fee in the amount of $849.00 payable to A-1 Title Services, which will be reflected on the HUD Settlement Statement. This fee INCLUDES performing the closing and explanation of all legal documents, title examination fee, incoming wire fees, storage and scanning fees, express mail/regular mail fees, title insurance binder fee, post-closing search fee and a special service where all your closing documents will be stored and accessible for use at any time, FOREVER. Please note that the Settlement/Closing Fee DOES NOT include any policy premiums, abstract or title search, title charges, recording charges, document stamps, intangible taxes, or any other fees or costs that may also be assessed to complete this transaction. If the transaction requires the use of a mobile closer, there will be an additional charge of $150 charged to the buyer.

Acceptable forms of payment for Earnest Money Deposits And Funds to Close


Earnest Money Deposits
A personal check drawn from a U.S bank account or other certified funds may be used for Earnest Money Deposits. FUNDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY A1 TITLE SERVICES 10 DAYS OR MORE BEFORE THE SCHEDULED CLOSING DATE.
Only WIRE TRANSFERS will be accepted during the last 10 business days of any transaction.

*A1 Title Services, may grant an exception to use certified funds up to a maximum of $1,500 on a per case basis, within the final 10 business days of the transaction.

Funds to Close
Funds to close will only be accepted via WIRE TRANSFER.
(Unless deposited with A-1 Title Services, 10 days or more prior to the scheduled closing).

Email with questions:

ATTENTION REALTORS: Please provide our office with a Transaction Fee Disclosure/Invoice for any additional fees required to be collected on the HUD Settlement Statement at the time of closing.