Not broken don’t fix it…Improve it…Your Marketing!

We’ve all heard the old saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it. However, lets take a look at this phrase and how it applies to our business!

What if the pioneers of business, the Henry Fords, the Thomas Edisons of the world had this thought process. Would we be still driving the first model T or using kerosene lanterns? The answer is as a culture we embrace growth and change, positive change, change that comes from ideas, technology and the want to better ourselves. Our customer embraces these changes and this technology and if we don’t we are obsolete.

We see everything around us changing, new software, mobile devices are everywhere and this huge thing, the internet. Being able to embrace these changes brings us a step closer to growth, to more income, to an increase in productivity and to great potential for our future. All it takes is for you to decide to make the changes.

Yes, sometimes there are costs associated with making changes, however you will find that the cost of not making changes is always greater in the long run and without the results. Results such as higher productivity or output, more production per employee, more reach for your advertising dollar and the ability to reach your target customer with pinpoint accuracy.

All these are the equivalent of still using man power to build a pyramid when you have a crane. Are you using man power in your business while the crane is parked outside waiting for you to use it to its fullest potential. To make a better experience for your customer, your employees and all while growing in today’s environment.

Your website, your marketing, your social media, your presence on the internet. How you communicate with your customers, the kind of content you provide. These are all things that you can improve even if not broken that will show you almost immediate results.

At A1 Title Services, we continuously work with Real Estate agents and Lenders who saw themselves doing the same things they were doing five, ten, even 20 years ago. Agents who, have a website that has no traffic, no videos, no social media that is not integrated. A website and content that looks nice but doesn’t show up on a google search even in the immediate areas surrounding their offices or their listings. The number one thing we hear from our peers is, I talk to a lot of people, have a lot of past clients, I work from referrals. What if we told you that your past clients have moved on to the technology that you are missing. That they are making their connections with those who are in front of them when they need them. Those who show up on your clients web search, property search, product search.

If you are an agent or lender and see that you need to make changes to the way you operate, we will help you! As the Director of Sales and Marketing at A1 Title Services in Miami, I devote the majority of my time to helping my peers grow and I do it all for free. You may ask why would someone invest their time in making me better. The answer is simple, my business is based on you. You are my consumer and if I can reach you and help you reach your client together we can both grow.

You can improve, we can improve together!

Contact us bellow, tell us how we can help YOU!


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