Real Estate Industry..Where are your clients today?

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Maybe you are just starting out in the Real Estate industry or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran. Either way, you are likely to adapt to what is typical for the industry. That is specially true when it has to do with marketing tactics and overall communications, interactions and how you go about exposing your business to prospects. Most still use mail out flyers, business cards and campaign to entire subdivisions in order to obtain business from the few that were possible customers.

Lets face it, its possible that you are doing the same things and using the same tools you used in the past or saw someone use to obtain and keep business. You may even have some results from your efforts, after all if you work, something will happen. Are you really capturing all the business you should? Are you keeping your customers? Really?

How about the numbers… are they what they can be? So you close a deal every month, maybe you close three or five. You are in business to do just that right, business?

What if your marketing efforts are creating enough for you to believe you are doing the best you can do?

Is it possible that you can have more business, work more efficiently, keep more of your past business coming back, create in ways that you never thought of?



Look at your current business, keep in mind that we are in a rebounding economy, the Real Estate market will be strong through at least 2017. Then what, should we be ok with leaving our business to chance? What if we can capture greater market share and even in the slow times still do great business? The answer is we can, we do and we will, even in bad times!

The difference is in being where our customers are, and our customers are now more than ever indulged in a digital, social media world. The first thing most see in the morning is not their mail (with your postcard or flyer). Its not the news paper with your print ad and its not that great magazine with tons of circulation that you paid big money to have a full color page on. Its definitely not your business card from that networking event a year ago. Today it is their phone, their laptop, their digital information service, such as a blog or rss feed. You must understand this world and you must be part of it, otherwise you must be ok with loosing a big portion of the business you could and should have. YOU are LOOSING MONEY!

Thankfully at A1 Title Services we had a vision to be ahead of the crowd. We set out to show through example that the latest and greatest tools at our disposal were some of the things we were already using in our daily lives. It was just a matter of understanding what our customer needed and making the connection. We have done just that, we use technology, social media and many new digital resources for ourselves and our partners. If you close at A1 Title Services, you are part of this mindset, these tools and you are likely already seeing the results. Contact us here or you can reach me directly at 305-274-9898. I will promise a one-on-one evaluation of your current marketing strategies and help set you on a course that will change the way you do business for the better. The best part is that what we want is for you to grow, because when you grow we grow. Give us an hour of your time and see where it takes you!

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