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When you need the proper information to disclose on the GFE to your customer we will provide you an accurate pre-HUD which you can request in various forms including here through our site, or through more traditional methods like email or fax. 

Customization is a key component of a changing environment and evolving relationship. A-1 Title Services is committed to understanding that this is a priority and we will adjust when necessary to make things happen for you and our customer.

Our goal is to serve you at the highest possible levels by bringing you the best in technology coupled with a team of dedicated, experienced professionals that understand your specific needs. We are a growing operation that understands that par is unacceptable in servicing our customers and peers. We will always go above and beyond for you.

Real World SolutionsA1 Title Contact

At A-1 Title Services we understand your world. That is why we offer the best overall solutions for your everyday problems. It is known in our industry that there are many variables which can alter the result of a transaction. For this reason, we specialize in bringing you and our customer the smoothest experience possible with seamless interactions. Our goal is to make the title process, the smoothest part of the entire transaction, allowing you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.


Communication is a key element of great customer service. We bring you unsurpassed integration allowing you to always be informed at the click of a mouse. You will have more ways to be in touch than ever without dealing with the typical voice mail or screening of phone calls. Our technology driven platform is what we consider to be the top of the line in the industry and you will now enjoy the benefits of this amazing software. You will not only have real time access to file flow, which tells you exactly what you need to know about the status of your file. More importantly you will have access to this information from anywhere.

Technology Solutions

Not only do we stay ahead of the curve with technology, data encryption and regulatory changes. Our internal leadership team is always searching for new ways to bring you tools that will make your business better. We have these resources available to you at no cost as a partner of A-1 Title Services.

We currently provide software technology that alerts you when your customer is in the market and ready to purchase, refinance or move again. We help you know before your competition does.

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Great relationships make any business environment easier to operate in. This is the reason that regardless of how long you have worked with A-1 Title Services, we will always put an emphasis on continuing to build our relationship with you. We want you to know that we are your friends in the title business.